Guide to Advanced Programming in C

06 Jan 2014

C language is language of choice for systems programming, embedded systems and also viable option for many other applications. While it is not likely to have serious interest in computer programming and not to be touched by C, it is extremely challenging to understand all its aspects and shady corners. This article attempts to provide dense material to illuminate some of those areas. Namely: integer promotions, memory allocation, array to pointer conversions, explicit inlining, interpositioning and vector conversions.

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OpenBSD Powered Wireless Network Router

18 Aug 2013

I have been using my ALIX PC-Engine as home wireless network router for years. In that time I have exchanged in role of OS all main flavours of BSD and Debian Linux. So far I had most pleasant experience with OpenBSD. In fact so pleasant, that I feel urge to spread a word on how easy is to configure OpenBSD for networking scenarios like this.

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Signing Mails With Attachment in Python

13 Apr 2013

Some time ago, I was asked to implement automated sending of singed mails with attachment. Although, that the process of signing message is well known and it may look like easy thing to do. The implementation deatials are a bit tricky, so I decided to share my solution written in Python.

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Minimalistic Build System With Make

07 Dec 2012

Every sensible C++ program, which consists of more than one cpp file, need a build system. In this article I present minimalistic solution for this problem with just two plain makefiles.

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Localization of Web Applications With Babel

07 Oct 2012

As the authors of Babel say: Babel is a collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications. In this article I show how to internationalize Python web application with Babel, Cherrypy, Mako and Distribute. I assume basic knowledge about mentioned frameworks, libraries and Python.

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